Moving to a new city is not that easy.
There are some moments when you know you don’t belong to that place, moments of loneliness or days where the pleasant warmth of your home seems so far away.
The air plants have been our safety net. 
Without them, maybe we would not be here, we could be in some other city or just be back to Italy.
Here we’ve learned that roots are important but they shouldn’t stick us to those places and that not keeping always your feet on the ground may not make our dreams come true.
This blog is the result of 3 years lived among these fascinating plants, 3 years spent to make them known, 3 years observing, discovering and taking care of them.
 * It will deal with curiosities and practical advices for those who make mistakes in the care of the air plants or unintentionally kill one but do not want to admit defeat. 
* It is the tale of our personal experience as „air gardeners“ which wouldn’t have existed without the tillandsias.
* It is a love we felt the need to express without pretending to replace the great scholars, gardeners or experts on the subject. 
* It is a green and light walk rich of photographies and hints for the daily care of your dear air plants, with passion and fantasy.
With love, your air gardeners
Valeria & Giorgia