What is a Tillandsia?

The Tillandsia is a very attractive plant, which belongs to the Bromeliad family and has its origins in the American continent.

It doesn’t need any soil to grow and it is able to absorb nourishment from atmospheric moisture.

The humidity is captured by trichomes, fine hairs which give the plant a velvety appearance.

They can be found in nature in a great variety of climates: from rain forests of the plains to the cloudy mountain forests, as well as on the Andean highlands to more than 4,000 meters.

They live, grow and reproduce themselves on rocks, treetops and even on the electric cables, on roofs, on cornices or onto any structure that allows the seed to cling.

Tillandsia that grow inside need light and little water per month, they are very decorative and easy to maintain.

These plants bloom just once in their lifetime. The flower can last from a couple of days to some weeks. Once they have bloomed they create some shoots from the base. If you treat them properly you will soon have a family of Air plants.

Then, you can decide whether to keep the family united or separate the new shoots in order to have more Tillandsia to decorate your home. Each new shoot can be easily detached (just making some pressure with your hands) once it is at least half size of the mother plant.

On our shop you can find both varieties and very good quality. Each plant is grown with love and care and we will always be on hand to give you tips on their maintenance.

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