Glass ball wedding favor

1 air plant + glass ball + Instructions + Packaging

11,00€ per piece

The Ionantha in the glass ball is certainly one of our most popular combinations. The glass’ fineness and transparency make it very elegant and suitable for hosting the Ionantha. It can be either placed on a flat surface or hanged. This air plant requires an easy maintenance:

dip it in water once a month for a few minutes

leave it in a bright place

It is an original, handmade gift



Your guests will remember your wedding each time they take care of the plant


It is the perfect plant for those without the green thumb


 15 days from the order

DHL courier

Tracking number


1 Ionantha air plant

1 Glass ball

1 Instructions

1 paper box size 9x9cm


 12€ per piece

Min order: 50 units

Shipping: from 50 €