DIY #1

Here is our DIY suggestion for the Summer to make your bedroom more cheerful and cozy.

Materials needed:

– a branch of about 50 cm length
– transparent thread + 1 nail and hammer to hang the branch
– air plants (we used: 2 caput medusae, 1 tectorum, 1 argentea, 1 capitata)
– fresh flowers (we used: statice, chrysanthemums)

How to make it:

We didn’t take step by step photos for this as it is pretty easy: simply put the nail on the wall and hang the branch with the transparent thread.
Place the air plants wherever you like. Alternatively you can even use a special glue for florists.


Continue by adding seasonal flowers that you have gathered from a park or bought from a florist. Choose colors that match well your bedroom’s tonality and your personal taste.
Fill the blanks also with different green inflorescences. If you like you can even use moss or simple leaves.



And voilà! That is it! Now you can enjoy your new green handmade decoration”


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