Light: the best place for your air plants

It is very important that all types of air plants receive much light but not too much direct sun.
If you keep your air plants OUTSIDE, remember to find a good place in the shadow.
The best spot would be for instance under a tree, to get enough light and rain.
INDOORS you can hang it/place it in a bright place, always avoiding too much direct sunlight.
With this said, remember that the lack of light can often provoke problems to the plant. In fact, if the light is too weak is possible to have an excess of irrigation because the plant won’t not able to absorb the water quickly.
On the contrary, a tillandsia which receives a lot of light will be able to grow better and faster, to bloom and reproduce many times during its lifetime.
ATTENTION: in case you have placed your air plant in a spot with not so much light, it is important that you move it gradually to a brighter place, to avoid drastic changes.
Therefore, take the time you need to find the best place for your plant and remember that a good brightness always means having a happy tillandsia.
As usual, do not hesitate to write us in case of need. We will be happy to help you!


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