Urbanjunglebloggers #plantselfie

We like to get involved, mostly in a project by urbanjunglebloggers, that launched the #plantselfie this September.

We did it already a long time ago, just for fun. For our picture we picked the queen of air plants, the Xerographica. Absolutely the best choice.
Its origins come from Southern México, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
The name derives from the greek words ξηρός (Xeros) and γραφία (Graphia), which respectively mean „dry“ and „writing“.
It is not only one of the most resistant and charming Tillandsia but also a very precious and endangered one. For this very reason it is considered a protected species.
Its slow growth together with the grey-silver leaves give this plant a very elegant hint.
Even if It can tolerate long periods of drought, it still needs little water: immerse it completely just once a month for some minutes and turn it over afterwards in order to remove the excess of water from its inside. At last, put it in a place with lots of light (not too much direct sun).
Like almost all air plants do, it blooms just once in its lifetime (its flower is beautiful, of a very bright red) but it will soon reproduce itself creating other baby air plants which are going to bloom and reproduce the same way.
Greetings from the Xerographica faces.
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