Blooms: My plant does not make flowers

One very important thing to know is that Tillandsia are monocarpic plants, that means that they bloom just once in their lifetime.

One of the reason why your air plant does not bloom is because it did it before you got it.

On the contrary, if you are sure it hasn’t bloomed yet it is just a question of patience, light and maintenance. Don’t worry, all happy air plants make flowers, just wait and let yourself amazed!

A preview: flowers have very bright colors and are normally fuchsia or reddish/orange, according to the type of plant, they can last days or even months.

Their smell is similar to the Yasmine.

Our favorite flower is the one of the Usneoides air plant, which is cute and small of a delicate yellow color and has a fragrance like the linden tree.

We sell just air plants which haven’t bloomed yet in order to give our clients the surprise of seeing the whole flowering process.

Before buying a Tillandsia remember to always ask if it has bloomed yet or not and how is it’s going to be its flower.

If you haven’t seen a blooming air plant please have a look at our Instagram page, you will find all kinds 

Your plant has already bloomed? Let us see the photos of your flowers 🙂

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