How to fertilize your Air Plant

All the Tillandsias  that you find on our online shop are cultivated in a greenhouse, cured with love for months or years (depending on the species) so that they are in perfect health.

Each air plant, that is ordered online, will arrive to the destination with all instructions about its care (how much light and water it needs). It can happen, however, that with the passage of time it might present problems due to an improper maintenance.

The first rule to avoid this is to keep the plant in a clean place and make sure it can dry fast and properly after having it immersed, in order to prevent possible stagnation and consequent infections.

If the plant is kept inside, it can be helpful to fertilize it 1 time every 2/3 months, immersing it completely for at least half an hour in the liquid solution that you’ve previously prepared.

You just have to buy a fertilizer sprayer for orchids and dilute it 5 times in water.

Doing so, your Tillandsia will be in a perfect shape and can resist independently to possible diseases.

If you have any doubt or problems with your air plant, feel free to contact us anytime.

We will be happy to help you!

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